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Exhibition information

The Company Participated in MIOGE2015


BEST attended the 13th biennial Moscow International Oil & Gas (MIOGE) Exhibition, which was held on June 23 to 26th, 2015 at Expocentre Moscow. MIOGE is the largest and most recognized oil and gas trade event in Russia and Central Asia. For over 20 years, MIOGE has become the traditional meeting place for the world’ leading oil and gas companies to converge and build new business partnerships with local trade operators and suppliers.

At the fair, our BTER valves got wide attention. Many agents, engineering companies, skids’ manufacturers and design units, from Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), confirmed their interests in BTER valves. They had intentions to cooperate, use and develop BTER valves in Russia and CIS.

Through this Exhibition, BTER valve enhanced the reputation and influence in Russia and CIS markets, and that built a good foundation for the market development.




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