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FCV-A800 Flow Control Valve

For gas or oil transmission, for gas supply to industrial and power plants

For all tasks of flow-rate or pressure control with small change dynamics

Suitable for natural gas, other non-aggressive gases and Liquid


High capacity and high range ability due to axial flow

Accurate control due to the pressure balanced trim

Valve sleeve with full pressure compensation

Noise reducing devices as a standard feature

Bi-directional flowing and sealing

Unique 90º Tooth-rack transmission

In case of a current failure → valve remains in last position

Pneumatic electric and electro-hydraulic actuators available

Technical Data


Holding standard IEC 60534
Nominal pressure Class150~CLass1500 ( 2MPa~26MPa)
Nominal size DN50~DN800 (NPS 2”~ NPS 32”)
Connections Flange  ASME B16.5  RF,RTJ
Temperature Class 2 -29℃~60℃ ; -46℃ ~60℃
Leak level standard IEC 60534
Structure length standard API 6D
computing standard ISA 75.01, ISA 75.05, ISA 75.11, ISA 75.17
strength calculation EN 12516 ,  ASME B16.34
intrinsic error ±1%
return difference ±1%
dead zone ±1%
Rated Travel Deviation ±1%
Explosion-proof/Protection Class ≥ExdIIBT4, IP65( Depends on the choice of the executive body )
Instrument safety standard IEC 61508 , IEC 61511
Actuator connection standard ISO 5210
Material Main valve casing   cast steel  A216 WCB、A352 LCC
Internal original     Stainless steel, steel, copper
sealing material     Reinforced PTFE, synthetic rubber


Working principle

Axial flow control valve refers to the streamlined symmetrical and unrestricted flow path between the valve inner and outer body. Accurate control features make the valve suitable for applications that require high pressure drop and high fluid velocity in all areas of the flow control task.

The inherent capacity of the axial flow control valve is very high compared to conventional globe control valve designs and enables the selection of a smaller valve size. Alternatively, the higher capacity can be used to minimise pressure drop over the valve or to provide for special features, such as a modified control characteristic, additional noise control, anti-cavitation or awider operating envelope for future process changes.


Valve Design


Multi stage sleeve structure

Pressure regulating is carried out through multi-stage sleeve of a series of small holes, and in the middle of the multi-stage sleeve to control the flow rate, energy dispersion is controlled, so that the noise is very low. At the same time, the pressure adjustment is done through the center of the sleeve.


Sleeve classification


Valve inner surface treatment


To improve the resistance to wear and resistant corrosion resistance, rack, a valve core, a sleeve all through the super coating processing (QPQ) and the surface hardness can be reached HV is equal to or more than 1100, guaranteeing stability under harsh conditions and long service life.




Product order type selection

Customers provide parameters, we have to provide you with accurate selection of services


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