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Raw material quality control

TSG D2001-2006 "pressure piping components manufacturing license rules" and TSG z0004-2007 the special equipment manufacture, installation, alteration, maintenance of quality assurance system requirements, and GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001-2008 the quality management system requirements "and other relevant standards designate that manufacture should carry out the effective management of the qualified supplier, the supply of raw materials monitoring and ensure the quality of raw materials.


The company has special physical and chemical laboratory, equipped with professional equipment to do spectral analysis, tensile test, bending test, low temperature impact test, hardness test, fatigue test and nondestructive testing for raw materials; hardness, brittleness, low temperature resistance, soaking resistance test for the rubber seals; stiffness, compressive deformation, fatigue and other test for the compression springs. These tests ensure that the raw materials meet the standards and customer requirements.


 Chemical composition analysis     Material mechanical properties test


Low temperature impact test        Ultrasonic examination   



 Hardness testing of rubber seals    Low temperature test of rubber seal



Compression spring detection 

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